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11:27 p.m. - August 18, 2006
My Dress!
I found my dress! My wedding dress! and my veil and head piece! and my ring! im almost done. and its still 9 months away. so exciting! i've just got to wait for the save the day cards to get back from the printer. whew. new job. wedding plans almost done. its pretty insane times. insane in a good way.
in other news, i went to the 311 concert last night. i feel like im getting way too old for these things. keith and i showed up later, cuz we weren't interested in seeing the opening bands. after waiting forever in traffic, we had to drive around the far ass parking lot looking for a spot. and of course all the empty spots were filled with tailgaters. some kid yelled "you're late" at us. of course during the concert keith came up with the best come back "yeah, well, so is your mom, you're gonna have a baby brother". so we finally got a spot and munched on our dinner. then there was the mile long hike uphill to the concert. then there was the hour long wait in the middle of a bunch of teenagers pushing and shoving to get in the gates. then i spent the majority of the concert avoiding being pummeled by the girl behind me who decided to be her own one person mosh pit...with a lit cigarette. nothing like spending a concert in peril, fearing you may get a cigarette burn any minute. so many people were smoking and smoking up. my sinuses felt like crap today cuz im not used to being around so much smoke. like i getting too damn old for this. the highlight of the evening was definitely when we were walking back to the car (downhill this time). this drunk ass girl in front of us hiked up her skirt and peed while continuing to walk with her friends in the middle of the road. who does that? im just glad she wasn't with me. i certainly wouldn't want to have the pee pee girl riding in the back seat of my car. cuz u know she had to have pee all down her legs. gross.


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